Phobik is a self-taught artist from Hollywood, CA. He has made an extraordinary transition from creating comic book-style illustrations to cartoons, with a focus on whimsical cartoon cats. Phobik's artistic journey started with a passion for graffiti and street art, which he honed through self-teaching and exploration. Also worked at a prestigious studio that created hand-painted backdrops and draperies for plays and concerts nationwide (Grosh Studios). With his unique artistic skills and ability to adapt to new styles and mediums, Phobik has gained widespread acclaim and continues to inspire aspiring artists worldwide.

Showcased in galleries throughout the world, Phobik also has his murals in LA archived by the Google Street Art Project, including being awarded recognition by the city of Los Angeles. In addition to his private collectors, the artist behind “Quarantoons” has also been previously commissioned by LA Live, Gibson Guitars, The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, TJ Martell Foundation, WePlay Co., MTV, and the Los Angeles Public Library. However, the project he is most proud of is with his work with Smile South Central – a Non-Profit community project that focuses on beautifying the streets of South Central via murals that help provide a positive communal atmosphere.


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